Wednesday, 8 July 2015


And Great Friends!!

When little children are excited about things coming up they count in 'sleeps', it's not a law written down anywhere it's simply accepted that if a count down of 'sleeps' is involved, it's serious!! Why I ask you is this only exclusive to little children?? I have been counting down from about 200 sleeps until Taylor Swift would be in Hyde Park and I would be there singing very loudly with my favourites!! And on Saturday 27th June there no more sleeps, the actual day had arrived, we were going to Shake It Off along with 65,000 other people living out one of my Wildest Dreams, singing a Love Story whilst watching Sparks Fly all the while hoping there wouldn't be Bad Blood. And it was absolutly amazing!! Taylor Swift might just be the most beautiful person I've ever seen in real life, she's so tall and has such a gorgeous figure and oh my those costumes!!! So many sequins in so many colours every Disney Princess would be jealous. 

The fun didn't stop there no Sir, it has been a few weeks of no stop partying for the crazy Smith girls! This Saturday saw us go back in time to the hay day of our parents (who are actually rather Young for my age) and head off to Club Tropicana, an 80s theme night club of sorts where 80s inspired fashion is the only acceptable form of attire permitted, sooooo.........

As you can see we were true to form and totally got involved, go hard or go home right??!! There was everything from Footloose and Fame to I Wanna Dance With Somebody and no party is complete without Ooops Upside Your Head......complete with dance moves of course!! 

I learnt a few things last week about someone who I thought I knew and who had at one time meant a great deal to me, turns out he was a total liar and he just made a mockery of my thoughts and feelings. I felt really sad to begin with, as anyone would when they confide in a person who just lets them down, but when I thought about it I think I feel more sad for him and the woman he is probably still lying to given he was with her the whole time. Thank God I had a lucky escape from yet another liar, someone else who just isn't worth my tears or my time!! It does mean however that I am still on the market for my knight in shining armour/ Prince Charming, so if anybody has David Beckham or Jamie Dornan on speed dial, hook a sister up!!! 

I haven't just been partying I have been working very hard on a few projects and have some exciting things in the pipe line.......honest!!

Happy Quilting
Kerry xx 


  1. Now Kelly... we need to talk! What you going to pay me to NOT tell your mommy dearest that her 80s pic is up for the world to see on the inter webs??? Hmmmmm... I see some serious blackmail in your future darling girl :-) Jokes... jokes ... (maybe) Loving your blog my darling xx

    1. Gilly as your first born, and there for your favourite child, you wouldn't do that to me!!! xxx

  2. Oh and if you're keen, pop by my blog and scroll down to the 21 questions post - would love you to do it too!

  3. Fabulous eyeshadow darling! Xx

  4. Ps can't wait to hear all about Taylor when I see you next wkd! X

  5. Aww looks like you had fun! :) haha I love the pictures:) Stay strong Kerry your prince charming will come one day :)