Friday, 17 July 2015


Please Don't Encourage Me

It's a well known fact that I have a serious condition - Fabricitus, my sister tried to tell me once that this wasn't an actual disease and that I might be a little bit deluded, I nearly fell right off my unicorn!! I mean really? As if Fabricitus isn't an actual thing?? In about 3 weeks it will be time for Festival...can I get a "hell yeah!!" and then we will see who is right, Caity or me!! 

I have desperately been trying to avoid all this Chuck Nohara lark, I really really have, but everywhere I turn it seems to be following me, I think it might be time to face the fact that it has accepted me as its human. At first glance it isn't really anything splendid, it looks fairly old and out dated, there aren't many instructions and the ones that are there are not in English.

BUT don't let that put you off, inside is an Aladdin's cave of deliciousness, hundreds of lovely, quirky blocks crying out to be made in new ways, new sizes and new fabrics. There really is something for everyone crammed in this treasure trove, a variety of blocks for all skill levels and tastes.

It is literally everywhere on my Instagram feed, many of the fab blogs I love to read and follow, my Pinterest everywhere and the gorgeous examples are only making my growing obsession worse!! Look at this beauty over on Thimbleanna

And then there is the utterly fabulous version currently being created by Sharon of Lilabelle Lane, if you have never visited her blog you absolutely should, the woman is the very definition of inspirational, and largely responsible for my diseases and addictions!!

There are just so many gorgeous examples calling softly to me, that I am seriously considering making this my Festival focus!! But now I have the task of deciding what to make it in....

A popular choice seems to be making it out of scraps, I really like this idea firstly because I have an abundance of scraps most of which are from quilts or blocks I have made. Secondly because each block will then be a small reminder of everything I have done, each block would mean something different to me depending on which fabric it was made from and therefore become a sort of memory quilt. And finally because I am not very good at be spontaneous and uncoordinated in my fabric choices and as such this would be a huge challenge!! It is also something that I can keep as an ongoing project to dip in and out of, making a few blocks as I finish projects to use up my scraps. Of course I never can resist the buying of new fabric, and I have a serious issue with AMH, Tula Pink and Art Gallery Fabrics so maybe I should take the opportunity to start a whole new collection just for this?? I think I have totally just sold it to myself ha ha ha Kerry Q will be shaking her head and rolling her eyes right about now.

It's really not my fault, sometimes things literally leap off of shelves right into my arms, like this in John Lewis when I was totally minding my own business and absolutely not at all looking for any fabric....

Happy Quilting
Kerry xx

P.S If you are currently working on your own version of Chuck, I would love to see it and hear what's been inspiring you, we can start our very own Quilters Anonymous 


  1. Can you tell me how I can find Chuck Nohara appliqué book like the one in your blog? I want it so much and can't find it.

  2. Hi Patti, I got my copy from the Quiltmania stand at The Festival of Quilts, but they are available on the website as well.

  3. Oh Dear,
    You didn't mention that Fabricitus was contagious! I thought that reading your post about Chuck Nohara's fabulous book would be a passing fancy. No such luck... now I feel that I must pin all the blocks I see and buy the book as soon as I can. I have tons of other patterns and books, but my library will be incomplete without Chuck Nohara's masterpiece...
    Loved your post...