Tuesday, 29 April 2014


The Magic Of Bonda-Web

I haven't had much quilting mojo the last few days, I lost a friend to the angels over the weekend and whilst it wasn't entirely unexpected, it still took the wind out of my sails abit. It made me think about the circle of life, Caroline's may have ended, but life is just beginning for my friends new baby. Caroline had a huge personality and an even bigger heart, I decided I should really put on my big girl pants and get this quilt moving.

So applique letters here we come....

The first step was to measure the size of the block the letters were going on to - in this case 12 1/2 unfinished, this then allowed me to draw the letters to the correct size in Bonda-Web and ironed them onto my chosen fabrics.

The most important thing at this stage is remembering to iron the Bonda-Web letters on to the wrong side of the fabric, this will ensure that the fabric letters are the correct way around when placed on the blocks.

The final step of this machine applique process is of course the machine stitching! This could be done by hand in many forms such as needle turn or blanket stitch, but I decided that for this particular pattern I would use satin stitch and my machine! 

I chose to use a King Tut integrating thread for blues and greens to lift the letters up....

With all of the letters done B-A-B-Y, it was time to turn 12 blocks into 4 rows of 3 and 1 quilt top for a tiny person.

Happy Quilting
Kerry xx

Sunday, 27 April 2014


2 Birds 1 Stone

This months Bee Block is called 'Bluebell's Cabin, it is a modern update of the classic Log Cabin block. Traditionally Log Cabin starts from a center square and is built or grows outwards, with endless variations of fabric choices and piece placements each block can have a completely different look when finished. This modern version has a middle ring of all the same color between two rings of varying colors and patterns.

These were made for Mary Lou, who requested prints in blues, greens, yellows and Kona solid white.
I loved this block so much I decided to use it to make a baby quilt for one of my friends......

First I had to pull all the blues and whites I could out of my stash, luckily I had been given some lovely teddy bear fabrics that made all the difference. Cut all the pieces needed for each block to the required sizes - 13 in total, I made 8 blocks so that was 104 strips in varying lengths with widths of either 1 1/2 or 2 1/2 inches.

I then chained pieced them together wherever possible - my new most favorite thing to do!! Starting with a 2 1/2 inch square, completing the first 'ring' with patterned fabric

The second 'ring' is made entirely from the same fabrics as the first square

The outer 'ring' is then completed in the same way as the first, using a variety of prints and or solids.

I will be posting each stage of this baby quilt as it progresses, I hope you will enjoy watching it grow!

Happy Quilting 

Wednesday, 23 April 2014


First Bee Block Complete

This block really was a treat to make, the instructions were clear and actually very simple to follow, the longest part was actually cutting all the squares....or maybe sewing them together for the HSTs!!!

First of all the squares were cut from the 4 chosen fabrics- 9 in total and 9 squares from the background fabric, which in this case was Kona solid white. These were then sewn together in pairs and cut into quarters- 36 altogether!!

Next came alot of pressing and chain piecing....

Followed by careful placing, more sewing, more pressing, a small amount of unpicking and finally a finished block!!

This block is my first contribution to my first Quilt Bee, I can not wait to see what Katie does with all the blocks and how it looks when all of them are put together! I love this quilt bee, I am still very keen to start another one up so if you fancy it, let me know and a whole pile of loveliness could be heading your way!!

Stop over to the about me page where you can meet the lovely Kerry Q, my quilty partner in crime!!

Happy Quilting 
Kerry xx

Sunday, 20 April 2014


Hive 17 Progress

Although only a few weeks in I am already so amazed by the talents of my fellow quilters and the wonderful work they have been doing!! I wish September would hurry up so I can be Queen, although I still have no idea which pattern to choose and even less of a clue on fabric and/or color choices. 

However Katie, our Queen this month, knew exactly what she was after and this is how its coming along so far.....

This block was created by Kathy Rutter, her fabric selection was as follows: 
The center is pearl bracelets
The yellow fabric is from Comma by Zen chic
The Orange is a current fabric by Michael Miller called Petal Pinwheels in coral 
The final fabric is Homestead by Juliana Horner from Joann Fabrics

This block was created by Pam Wilde, her choices included:
2 flower prints by Joel Dewberry
White Kona Cotton
Green Moda Juggling Summer Zen Chic
and Dear Stella Orange

I can not wait to see how this quilt top comes together, I am loving being apart of this Quilt Bee, I hope it is the first of many!! 
Short and sweet today, Happy Easter and happy quilting!

Kerry xx

Friday, 11 April 2014



Goodness it seems like an absolute age since I last got on here, I have so many projects going on and funky new purchases to share, but as always life just got in the way this last week.

Soooooooo my big news this week is that I have been accepted as part of a Quilt Bee, Hive 17 of a Modern Quilt Bee set up by the very talented Linsay Conner, author of the fabulous 'Modern Bee - 13 Quilts To Make With Friends'

Hive 17 is made up of Jess, Katie, Rachel, Kathy, Heather, Jo, Michelle, Mary-Lou, Sarah, Jody, Pam and me. If you are on Instagram you can follow our progress using #moderninstabeehive17

The Queen Bee this month is Katie, she has chosen Stacked Windmills (above) as her quilt. The idea is that everyone else in the hive makes one block in Katie's chosen color scheme and fabric requirements and then at the end of the month she will get a fabulous bunch of blocks in the post!! These are the fabrics I am thinking of working with....

I will keep posting about our Hive and how each block/quilt comes along....so super excited about being in a Bee!!

Happy Quilting
Kerry xx

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


A Treat from a Great Friend....

This weeks WIP Wednesday comes courtesy of a very special friend of mine and my partner in quilting crime, the amazing Kerry Q

Last year we both attended a quilting class one Saturday a month for 6 months, making a wide variety of Stars in all sizes, shapes and levels of frustration!!! I think it is fair to say we both GREATLY underestimated how much work was involved in this quilt. It has been a huge learning curve, very stressful at times but also really interesting and enjoyable. I will let the pictures of Kerry's amazing work so far speak for themselves....

Kerry mostly used Sew Mamma Sew by Moda for this quilt with some French General thrown in for good measure, it really is such a treat for the eyes.....

I will keep you updated on how this quilt develops, I am sure it is only going to get even more beautiful!! I suppose I ought to put mine up here to...

Kerry xx