Friday, 13 May 2016



As many of you know I spend hours of my life on Instagram, it's literally the best invention after chocolate, and quilt fabric, ooooooo and David Beckham! It was on one such "research" mission that I came across a post from the super fab Pat Bravo, (if you don't know who she is, Pat design delicious fabrics for Art Gallery Fabrics ) where she basically said 'I have designed two new lines of fabric, I want to give them to you and let you make pretty things, who wants to play?' Uuuuuuuumm me! So I put myself forward along with a large amount of others and kept my fingers crossed.

And as I'm sure you've guessed by the title of this post I was chosen, whoop whoop! In total there are 30 people from around the world who were sent a selection of fat eighths from Dare to be Bold predominantly navy and shades of blue the designs to me look like a modern take on the theme of geometric electro pop, whilst Essenials II  in Blush has a much more feminine, soft vibe to it. You can read all about Pat's idea behind The Mini Tour here.

I practically pounced on the poor Postman every day until my fabrics arrived and I was thrilled to ribbons when I opened the wrapping and found these....

I have to admit that for the first few days I just wandered in an out of my studio stroking them, well come on look how pretty they are!! I wanted to make something that showed off the various designs of the fabric, which in itself was a challenge for me as "modern" is very outside of my comfort zone, I had look in several of the quilt books I have and picked out a few blocks that I thought could work with what I had in mind. I started with the blues and geometrics of Dare but it wasn't going well and just didn't work at all!! I had had an idea for a repeat block that I'd been doodling, so I thought why not try and make this happen?? I got out my graph paper and set about drawing it out, I am a bit old school that way I can't just go straight to the computer but I get there in the end and a few hours later I had Bravo!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned that paper piecing/ foundation piecing is my most favourite thing, bit it is and that was the method I chose to create this mini quilt in. 

There are a couple of points that don't quite match exactly and a few other little niggles I need to work on, but overall I really pleased with how my first ever original block design has worked out.

There are endless possibilities with this block depending on fabric choices and placement, the size of them and the repeat options that can be created, I am really excited about trying these out but for now I am very happy with my little Bravo! who measures 12" square when finished. I added on a border, log cabin style just to finish it off and the backing is simply three panels of prettiness.

I have had such a wonderful time being a part of this Mini Blog Tour, there have been so many talented people involved and such gorgeous things made. If you have missed any of it the full line up is listed at the end of this post, be sure to check them all out and prepared to be inspired. 

Happy Quilting 
Kerry xx

Monday April 25
Laura Piland

Courtney Zadik

Tuesday April 26
Katie Skoog

Stacey Gibson

Wednesday April 27
Amanda Woodruff

Jessica Stewart

Wednesday April 28
 Erin Cox

Anjeanette Klinder

Friday April 29
Aimee Leptick

 Sharla Krenzel

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Christine Blessing

Cat Noonan

Tuesday May 3
Sarah Overton

Jyoti Haeusler
Sewn Modern Crafts

Wednesday May 4
Faith Essenburg

Lesley Storts

Thursday May 5
Ellen Ault

Michelle Bartholomew 
Michelle Bartholomew 

Friday May 6
Kate Basti

Kate Lyons

Monday May 9
Cindy Guch

Name: Lucy

Tuesday May 10
Marija Vujcic

Isabel Kelly
Lamb and Wolfie

Wednesday May 11
Samantha Green

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Thursday May 12
Samantha Dorn

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Friday May 13
Jemima Flendt

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