Thursday, 30 October 2014


Christmas Bee Round Up

WIP Wednesday was super productive not only did I manage to complete two Bee blocks, but I also got some work done on a secret project for a special little monkey! Smug smile and own back pats coming up!!

First up is the completed Triple Star block that I made for Gemma, she had very specific color choices and color placements as these blocks are intended for a particular place in her house. Although some of the pieces are really small the block itself comes together really nicely and the finished product looks really good.

Next up is my absolute favorite.....Cordelia's Garden, this time in a modern Christmas theme!! 

Kona snow was the requested background color, I got mine from the fabulous Plush Addict, if you haven't checked them out you really should, they have a fantastic range of just about everything and their service is really fast. Most of the work for this block is in making the half triangle squares, after that it is just a case of sewing all the squares together.

I just love this block so much, I know I say it a lot but I really really do, no matter what the colors or patterns of the fabric are it just looks great!

I also had a new challenge this month in the form of Ziggy Stardust, Kona white and a jewel color of my choice were the requirements for this one.

Again with this block there are a number of little pieces that make the start of it quite fiddley but they do result in such a cute little star that is the focal point for this block.

I am really happy with this little star, it is my first attempt at this block and I managed to match the points and the seams up rather well. After putting the star together the rest of block comes together in minutes as all the other pieces are larger and just various sized rectangles. 

I loved making all these blocks, I mean come on who doesn't like twinkling stars?!
Happy Quilting
Kerry xx

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