Sunday, 5 October 2014


Quilt Bee Round Up!!

It's been an age since I have managed to get on here and write a post, life just seems to have exploded and taken over everything. I haven't been near my poor machine in weeks, I am fairly sure it has forgotten what I look like and I think I've actually been having with drawl symptoms!! 

I haven't been completely idol, see what you think.....

First up was Trellis Crossroads in black and grey with a Kona White background. The cutting instructions were really simply to follow and it actually comes together fairly quickly, which appeals to me immensely!

The trouble I had was cutting the blocks down to size! They had to be lined up on a funny angle in my opinion and I did have to redo a few of them!! But I got there in the end!

Making another appearance is the Quilt Bee favorite Stacked Windmills, in 50 Shades of Grey and a pink middle. This is still the most common block I have been asked to make in both of the Quilt Bees I am in.

Next up is Cordelia's Garden, this one has been my favorite from the very beginning, so much so that it is the block I have chosen for my month of being Queen in both of my Quilt Bees!! This one however was made for some other lucky lady....

Finally we have a Triple Star, which as it turns out is exactly what it says on the tin....

Some of these pieces were so teeny weeny, having been cut down to and inch or so, it was quite a fiddle to get that center star all lined up, but well worth the extra effort.

As the outer stars were added on it got bigger and bigger, I have to say it wasn't a block I was very taken with when I first looked through the book, but having now made it, I may just have to make a few more!!

That is a round up of all I have been up to, I look forward to sharing with you the many, many, many, far to many things I have on the go at the moment.

Happy Quilting
Kerry xx


  1. I love that with the different color combos they look so different, out of the same book. I dont like doing the triple star either but do them gladly when asked

    1. I completely agree Pam! I have so enjoyed seeing the varying results the different colors and fabrics bring, although it has made it more difficult for me to decided on what I want to do for my month!!

  2. I particularly love the trellis crossroads and triple star - the colour combos on both blocks work really well. Like the fifty shades of grey ;-) with pink middle too! You have been busy!

  3. Ps it is now my month as Queen Bee in my quilting bee and I picked Cordelia's Garden for my quilt in the end - can't wait to see what they all look like! X