Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful......

Goodness hasn't it suddenly got so cold??!! Well it has down here in Surrey, I am currently sporting 3 pairs of socks and tights under my jeggings! So it seemed a perfect time to inform you all of the lovely creations I have added to my Etsy store for you to buy, all hand made by the very talented and wonderfully lovely Margaret Dickenson.

There are a wide variety of garments available for both boys and girls of varying ages and sizes. There is something to suit every occasion, many of the garments have wonderfully intricate details knitted into the design itself.

I'm sure you will agree they are just lovely, stop on by the shop and see if anything tickles you for a special little someone.

Happy Crafting
Kerry xx

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  1. Margaret Dickenson is very talented! That blue sweater is so sweet!