Monday, 12 May 2014


Hello Vinnie!!

You may recall a few posts ago I posted my progress on a quilt I was making for my friend who recently had a baby....well here he is enjoying his quilt!! 

This darling little monkey (I say little monkey but he actually weighed in at nearly 11lbs) is called Vinnie and he belongs to my lovely friend Debbie and her hubby Tom.

We last left off with having to quilt the top and add on the binding, due to all the Log Cabins and patterned fabrics I kept the quilting fairly simple and went for a modest 1 inch binding.

A Painter's Palette - Part 1 

As the title suggests I simply wasn't satisfied being apart of one fabulous Bee, I simply had to join another!!! This one completely home grown and only available to those of us in the UK. This month our Queen is Gina, you can find her over on Occasional Quilter it wasn't enough for her to pick the Painter's Palette block, oh no!! She had to go and make this as her example....

Ok!! Challenge accepted! Awhile back I saw a really cute little block made entirely from miniature tumblers, I just knew I had to do this!! So here we go.....

I made two of these one in red and one in purple, I thought the block as a whole would look quite cool if the colors were in pairs, so I also made 2 mini Log Cabins and 2 mini scrappy blocks.

I really enjoyed making these little blocks, they are all 5" squares and the possibilities are endless, there are so many others that I really want to try, maybe even a weenie little Mariners Compass??!! Anyway for now this is what I have... 

If you have any ideas on what else could look great in 5" I would love to hear from you!! be sure to come back and visit me to see how this block takes shape in part 2!!

Happy Quilting
Kerry xx 


  1. I take it you joined UK Hive 2, so happy for you! I also joined another -it is part of my modern quilt guild, very convenient too!

  2. Loving the mini blocks! Didn't realise you have started your second hive already - uk hive 2 (,y group) are just choosing their blocks so should be starting very soon., x

  3. I actually managed to get into UK Hive 1 Pam and I am loving it!! If I only had the time to join a 3rd.....