Wednesday, 14 May 2014


A Challenge Met!

I had such fun creating this original design for Gina, I have to be honest and say I really wasn't taken with it at first and put it off for quite a while!! BUT once I decided to accept the challenge of making all the 5" squares a different design rather than a flat color block I really got into it.

The next step is to attach the background fabric triangle edges, this is done by adding 2" squares to each corner of each square - 24 in total and cutting off the excess. They should still finish up being 5x5 if all goes according to plan.

The rest of the background fabric shapes are cut and then added on, there are a variety of rectangles - some fat, some thin, some long..... resulting in 3 rows of lovely color wedged between sparkling Kona white in this case!

Although the outer edges currently look a wee bit squokny, they will be hexagonal in shape when other blocks and/or borders are added on.

Next up is 'Come Together' and a variety of calm, beach themed fabrics have been requested!! Heaven only knows what I can pull together for this one! 
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Happy Quilting
Kerry xx


  1. Fantastic block Kerry - very impressive! X

  2. Thanks chick, I really enjoyed the challenge!!

  3. And it came this morning. I love it. I'm waiting for them all to turn up ( four to go) and then I'll do a post. I'm putting them together a bit different from in the book xxx