Monday, 31 March 2014


Quilting in the Surrey Hills

Saturday was a great day, so hot and sunny, the birds were really chirpy, the flowers looked so lovely in the sunshine and best of all a whole 4 hours dedicated to quilting with some wonderful friends!!

Val started some gorgeous Log Cabin, Caroline was working on a bag project and Kerry Q is adding the finishing touches to a lovely sea creature themed baby quilt. 

I however took the plunge and make a tentative start on the wonderful Green Tea and Sweet Beans by Jen Kingwell. As usual it took me the best part of 3 days to decide which fabrics to use, I was trying very hard to be brave and not go for my usual 'perfectly matched and newly bought specifically for' fabrics and instead pick things out of my stash. Feeling very pleased with my bravery I thought why not keep going and lets the ladies make the final choices.......

All the blocks for this quilt are soooo gorgeous I really didn't know where to start, eventually I settled on the clam shells, a shape I  have no experience with but have always wanted to try out!!

So far so good, I will keep you posted.

Kerry xx

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  1. I am so pleased with how my 'sea creatures' quilt is turning out!

    It is the second quilt that I have made from a fabulous pattern book by Kim Schaefer called 'Quilts, bibs, blankies....oh my!' It is a gift for one of my best friends who has just had her first child.

    The other quilt that I made from this book (and the first quilt I ever made - and finished!) was 'zoo animal parade'. Also a gift for another really close friend on the birth of her first child.

    Link to Kim's website below if anyone would like to check out her fab book:

    She is such a talented lady!