Sunday, 2 March 2014


Purple Fairies

Hi everyone, welcome to That's Sew Kerry!! I am new to blogging and completely self taught, so if this post actually makes it onto the web I will be over the moon! I have not been quilting very long and so far have only really made quilts for my family and myself, although I have had a few paid commissions. Last year I went to a small exhibition in Winchester that was being held by one of the local quilt groups, one of the quilts on display had this quirky fairy fabric in it that I just knew would be perfect for a project I had in mind. A birthday present for my Granny.

Very Fairy- Loralie Harris for Quilting Treasures

My Granny absolutely loves flowers and the colour purple, so for the next few months I avidly collected all sorts of fabrics that would compliment and work with the fairies.

So I had all this lovely fabric and no idea what to do with it....enter blogland! I sat down for just 5 minutes and 3 hours later I had a mountain of post-it notes with quilt names, block names, amazing blogs and a Pinterest account- something I really really didn't need!! Eventually I settled on a Rose Star, a lovely paper pieced block that I found on Summerfete, complete with detailed easy to follow instructions. The picture below will take you to the tutorial.

Rose Star Tutorial - Summerfete

I played around with the shapes needed to make up the Rose Star mixing solids and patterned fabrics together, this was my first one......

I made 4 more and then used the same shapes to join them altogether making an 18" square. At the moment I think everything else will feature around this block, due its size, any comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

I've gone for a very simple Log Cabin idea with the fairies fussy cut in the middle, picking out fabrics I used in the Rose Stars for the strips so that it all ties in. It is my first attempt at any kind of Log Cabin, I used 1.5 inch strips in varying lengths and have to say that it is a really simple process to follow, with a very effective outcome.

It takes me far longer to decide on which fabric to use and where, than it does to just get on and sew because I just want to use everything!! I will let you know how I get on.

Kerry x


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  1. Ah Kelly that looks beautiful!!! Can't wait to see pics of the end result! Love that you're blogging now. Keep the blog posts coming xx