Wednesday, 21 January 2015


A Popular Block Indeed!!

I have to say that when I first started my journey on this quilt bee, I wasn't really prepared for what it was going to entail or for the vast amount of talent, vision and creativity that I was going to come across. On first glance through the book there were quite a few that really didn't appeal to me, in fact out of the 12 possible blocks there were only 2 that really caught my eye. I started to think that I wasn't going to enjoy this at all and maybe had made a mistake in committing myself to not one but two quilt bees!! Luckily I couldn't have been more wrong, I have learnt so much from being part of this wonderful experience about fabric choices, color combinations and block choices. My eyes have truly been opened. 

One such block that really didn't appeal to me initially was the block for September - Trellis Crossroads, made for the purpose of this book by Jessica Kelly you can see her blog and her thoughts on her block/bee experience by clicking on her name.

This block has been a popular choice in a number of quilt bees all over the world, each one looking completely different to any other, some people used batiks or brightly colored prints whilst others have favored more muted, pastel tones.

I had to make 2 of these blocks recently, one in purple and blue florals and the other in black and white. The process is relatively straight forward and the instructions - when you work out what is needed for only one person rather than twelve - are well set out.

To start with you need to cut your selected fabrics into rectangles 2 3/4" x 5" and sew them together in groups of four, they then get cut in half so you have 2 columns of the same print measuring 2 1/2" x 2 3/4", the trick is to mix them up in such a way that when stitched together the same prints don't meet at the corners.

As well as the prints or 'main' fabrics, there is a background fabric to contend with - 1 long strip and 1 square which gets cut in half! One column of printed squares is attached to either side of the background strip and the square - now cut in half to make triangles- is attached to the middle of the printed squares...... admit it, I've lost you?! I've lost myself to but as they are not my instructions to share I thoroughly recommend you buy the book..... it explains all.

I escaped with only a mild disaster.......

Once everything is attached each section needs to be squared up to  6 3/4" by lining the 45 degree line of the ruler directly in the middle of the center strip, thankfully I had my wing woman - Kerry Q on hand to talk me through the muddle.

And then all the squares came together wonderfully and the blocks went together in a jiffy

Kerry Q also had to make Trellis Crossroads for her Queen Bee this month in lovely shades of pink and grey, it always goes so much better when you have a friend to talk it through with.


  1. I loved this block, wasnt hard or easy but always looked different in the chosen color

  2. It does always go better when there is someone to talk it through with! Funny how an instruction can make no sense to one person and perfect sense to someone else! That's why I love our dedicated group of sat morning stitches so much! X

  3. 'Stitchers' even - flipping predictive text!

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