Monday, 19 January 2015


Happy Birthday Chantal

Christmas Eve marks the day that this wonderful human was born, and I'm thankful everyday that she was!! And this year (last year) she turned 30 and therefore by default is entitled to a rather special present in my opinion! It's been months in the making.....mostly down to laziness, sadness and sickness but I got there in the end a multitude of bright shiny stars, for my bright shiny star. When making a girly present to go into a home she shares with a boy, does one need to take this manliness into account?? Uuuuuuummm NO!! Sorry Mark, but it was flowers, flowers, flowers and hearts all the way.

I did however take into account the colours of the house and their decor, even though it is intended for Chantal, and went with her favourite turquoise in as many shades and varieties as I had (and bought) and mixed that up with 50 Shades of Beige!  
I trawled through many a book to find "stars" that lept out at me and even invented a few of my own, all with my bestest in mind and things that remind me of her.

We have been through a great deal her and I with enough chocolate to fill 3 Olympic sized swimming pools (that's no exaggeration either....scarily) and come out stronger the other side. We have laughed, dear Lord how we have laughed, cried, danced, dieted, Zumba-ed, run, crawled, passed out and everything in between. 

She helped me move into my house after she had been at work the whole day, without complaint and with chocolate in hand and on her birthday she brought me Lemsip, Soothers and Cellotape because I was to ill to get it myself. So it seemed only fitting that her quilt was made of stars, totally unique, beautiful and ever so slightly wonky stars!!! 

It was a great success and she totally loved it...lets be honest did she really have a choice?!! On to the next 25 projects I have to get done.....

Happy Quilting
Kerry xx


  1. Beautiful quilt Kell! And can I just say that your quilting is extraordinary, but your writing is really good too... love reading your blog posts xx

  2. I love this quilt! The colours really set off the stars - makes me think of snowflakes every time I see it! A great present, and a lovely written piece on friendship. Xx