Friday, 11 July 2014


Quilty Numbers

I feel like I have stalled a bit at the moment, not just with this quilt but with sewing and creativeness in general!! I have so much going on that I just can't find the time to sit down and make some progress and then when I do have some time I simply don't have the will! Do you think it is possible to have 'sewing' depression?? I am no doctor but I would wager that it could be an actual thing!!

Anyway sewing depression aside I have made a small amount of progress on Dad's Quilt....SURPRISE quilt I should say in case any of you bump into him..... oh bugger it and Dad if you have happened to remember the blog address don't scroll down any further!!
I wanted to make this quilt for my Dad as a present because he is turning 50 in a few weeks, the idea was to make it nautical related because he was in the Navy and loves all thing boat! But I also wanted it to mark the occasion it is intended to be a celebration of....50 years of Dad. So in between all the nautical and seafaring quilt blocks, I decided to put in some 'dates of remembrance' blocks in the mix.

Step 1 find a font you like, enlarge your chosen letters/numbers to the size you want, trace off onto Bondaweb. Remember they will need to be backwards so when placed onto the wrong side of the fabric they will be facing the right way around on the right side of the fabric?! Still with me? Make sense?

Cut out and iron into place, remember to leave seam allowance and space for borders etc

I prefer to use a simple zig-zag stich set close together much the same as satin stitch, whilst I know blanket stitch is very popular for machine applique, I just can not get on with it!!
I decided to throw in some hand embroidery for the story telling......

No Nautical/Sea themed quilt is complete without a few beach huts so feeling thoroughly inspired by Sue's work for our last meet up (previous post) I set to work on my own

The best part's paper pieced!! my bestest thing ever!! These little beach huts really were a joy to make, so easy construct and they come together really quickly. I went for various shades of red for the 'painted' wooden panels and picked out the deep blue that I have used throughout the other quilt blocks in order to tie them together.

This is where the pattern came from if you feel the notion to make your own.

Happy Quilting
Kerry xx


  1. Your Dad will love his quilt :) Yes I sometimes find myself unmotivated when it comes to sewing, so I try to instead of say surfing around online I spend ten mins or so sitting at the machine, even if its just sewing a few blocks together, usually does the trick :)

  2. Lovely idea to add the memory blocks to the quilt. Looking forward to seeing it on Sat. Xx