Monday, 21 July 2014


Hello From Kerry Q

This week on the blog a post from the lovely Kerry Q about her Quilting Bee shinanigans!! She is such a talented little monkey, I can't tell you how lucky I feel to have found such a wonderful friend who is as loony and addicted to fabric as I am!! Enjoy.........

All of Kerry-Leigh's quilting bee adventures have inspired me to get involved as well, so in May I joined a 'Modern Bee', UK Hive 2! My group of ladies are spread across the UK from Wales to Leeds, and we kicked off our Bee in June with 'Mosaic Tiles' for Amie.

This was a lovely easy block to start with, it went together in about an hour and a half despite me making a few mistakes (mental note to self to read instructions more carefully in future!). Amie chose midnight blue for her background which she supplied and asked for aqua, yellow and red for the squares. As you can see Amie is going to have a very striking quilt!

This month was Carol's turn, who chose 'Bluebell's Cabin' and had no specific requirements beyond a 'scrappy look'. Eeeeek! As anyone who knows me will tell you, I am pretty obsessed with colour co-ordination so 'scrappy' was quite a challenge for me!

After much searching through my stash I managed to narrow it down to two focus fabrics -the liberty style purple flowers and the blue thistle print. Partly because I wasn't sure how to go about creating a 'scrappy' effect, and partly because I just couldn't help myself (!) I then picked out other toning scraps from my stash, trying to include light, medium and dark shades to balance the block.

Now I am slightly obsessed with log cabin, so I was really looking forward to making these blocks - and they didn't disappoint! They went together so quickly, perfect, if like me you're all about instant gratification when quilting!

Below are the finished results. I'm not sure how 'scrappy' the overall effect is, but I am pleased with them, so hopefully Carol will like them too!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my post. I'd love to know how you go about creating a scrappy effect, so please share any hints and tips you have!

Kerry Q xx


  1. Great blocks. I'm like you I struggle with scrappy aswell. I'm in Hive 1 of the same bee and having so much fun. Just wait til you're Queen. It's so exciting to see the envelopes coming through the door xxx

    1. Thanks Gina. The Modern Bee has been great hasn't it. I'm not Queen until October so a while to wait awhile yet unfortunately! Xx