Wednesday, 20 April 2016


On A Mission

One of my (1000) resolutions this year was to try and be more adventurous and more active in my quilting choices and quilting life. I am so very inspired by so many things and often think I could totally do that, but I get to caught up in the "what if it doesn't work" of it all and let opportunities go by. So in the hope of gaining more confidence and developing my knowledge and skills further I might have gone slightly mad (Kerry Q is currently rolling her eyes in despair of me)and got involved in all of these.......

1. Black and White Mini Swap

This one has been put together by Sharon who can be found as @shoppershaz on Instagram and as the name suggests it is a mini quilt swap with a black and white theme. We have all been issued with a partner and are secretly working on something fab based on their requirements. Above is one of the mosaics I posted to give my partner some ideas of what has caught my eye lately and below are a few ideas I have had design wise, on what I could possibly be making for my swap buddy. 

You can follow my progress and that of all the very talented people involved in my group using #bwqs_blackbeauties or the entire swap project using #blackandwhitequiltswap

2. Color Square Swap

This is my very first swap of this kind, the idea is amazing and I am totally finding as many of these as I can to be involved in!! The process is as follows, a selection of colour options are put to you (usually 3 at a time) you can be involved in 1, 2 or all of the colour options, you need to put forward your fabric choices to be approved before purchasing I am assuming so the swap host can make sure there aren't repeats and that all fabric choices work well together. Once the thumbs up has been given, you need to cut 40 10" squares layer cake style and send them off to the host, in return you get a layer cake sent back to you in the colour or colours you selected to be apart of. Being my first attempt at this kind of swap I only opted for one colour and it was Purple! I chose the fabric below.

This particular swap is being hosted by Briawna of Purple Poppy Quilts although this swap has closed, you can find all the information about it and how to be involved in future there and also by following our progress using #PURPLEsquareswap2, #GREENsquareswap2, or #LOWVOLUMEsquareswap2 and #colorsquareswap

3. Amy Butler Low Volume Mini Swap

I literally squealed when the sign up details for this popped up on my Insta feed, I absolutely LOVE Amy Butler, who doesn't??!! I haven't had a lot of experience with Low Volume so I had to sign up in order to comply with my resolutions!! hee hee hee that's my excuse and I am sticking to it! Again this one is partner based and a secret/surprise so I can't give to much away but it is a mini quilt swap with guidelines of no smaller than 12" squared and no larger than 30" squared. 

There are so many beautiful mini quilts out there that I really struggled to narrow it down, in the end I had to make two inspirational mosaics for my partner to use as a guide, anything off of here will be super fab or an original based on these I truly don't mind. This swap has been put together and hosted by Shanya over at wifemomcreator and Stacie who can be found as @trollbrothersquiltmama on Instagram. You can see how the groups are doing using #amybutlerLVminiswap #teamshanyaABLV 

4. Amaze Me Block Swap 

Using this fantastic book by Natalia Bonner and Kathleen Whiting from Piece And Quilt and their Amaze Me block, we have been tasked with making 15 blocks using white as a background, by the end we will have enough to make a funky modern throw. Below are some examples of the blocks that have been made by the creators.

5. The Minis Blog Tour

I can't say to much about this one just yet but I am so so very flattered and excited to have been chosen to take part in this!! It's all thanks to the ridiculously talented Pat Bravo and 2 of her gorgeous lines for Art Gallery Fabrics 'Dare' and 'Essentials II', the image above is the selection I will be using. Come back on May 13th to find out more.

Well that is just a small sampling of what I am currently getting up to, I am also trying to design 4 original patterns, put together 3 quilts and I've only gone and got myself a small gig as a pattern tester!! (by now Kerry Q has rolled her eyes right out of her head!)
So if anyone has won the Lotto and would like to donate to my cause so I can stop working I'd be super grateful. 

If you are also taking part in any of these swaps I would love to hear from you and see how you are getting on.

Happy Quilting
Kerry xx

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